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Socio-economic situation in 2016

 (Quang Binh Portal) - 2016 is the first year of implementing Resolution of the 16th Provincial Party Congress and the socio-economic development plan for five years (2016-2020). In spite of facing many difficulties and challenges, with the well-timed direction of the provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee and the great efforts made by all levels, sectors, enterprises and people, the provincial socio-economic situation in 2016 has remained stability and obtained remarkable results in all fields.


1. Economic targets:

- GRDP growth rate achieved 4.5% (the plan: 8% and last year' same period: 6.5%);

- Agriculture, forestry and fishery production value rose 1.2% (the plan: 4% and the same period last year: 3.5%);

- Industrial production value grew 9.2% (the plan rose 10%, last year' same period rose 10%);

- Value of service sector rose 4% (the plan up 9.5%; last year' same period 8.7%);

- Economic structure: Agriculture - forestry - fishery accounted for 22.9%; industry – construction 25.7%; service 51.4% (the plan: agriculture - forestry - fishery accounted for 24%; industry – construction 25.2%; service 50.8%);

- Budget revenues was estimated at 3,067 billion dongs, increased by 2.2% from the plan (the plan: 3,000 billion dongs);

- Total social investment capital achieved 10,824 billion dongs, grew by 6.8% from the same period last year (the plan: 12,000 billion dongs);

- GRDP per capita reached 28.72 million dongs (the plan: 35 million dongs);

- There had more 14 communes meeting new rural standards, reached 100% of the plan (the plan: 14 communes).

2. Social targets

- Providing jobs for 3.250 laborers, reached 98.5% of the plan, (the yearly plan 3.300 laborers, the same period 3.230 laborers);

- Rate of population growth reached 0.52%/year (the plan: 1.05%);

- Rate of households used national grid reached 99,58% (the plan: 99,3%);

- Rate of communes, wards and townships reaching national standards on health: 82.4% (the plan 82.4%);

- Number of hospital beds per 1.000 people reahced 21 beds (the plan reached 21 beds);

- Rate of population having health issurance reached 84.83% (the plan: 77.8%);

- Rate of communes, wards and townships met secondary compulsory education (level III) reached 45.9% (the plan 28.3%);

- Rate of trained laborers reached 62.1%, of which vocational trained laborers reached 38.6% (the plan 62%, of which vocational trained laborers 37.5%).

3. Environmental targets

- Rate of urban population using fresh water reached 97.1% (the plan 97%);

- Rate of rural population using hygienic water reached 85% (the plan: 85%);

- Rate of forest cover reached 68.5% (the plan: 68.5%).


1. Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP)

GRDP in 2016 (at 2010 comparative prices) was estimated to grow by 4.5% against the same period. This is the lowest growth rate during the past years. Main reason is heavy damages affected by environmental incidents and the two consecutive floods, causing reduction of growth rate of two sectors: agriculture, forestry, fishery and service.

2. Agriculture, forestry and fishery

Value of agricultural, forestry and fishery production in 2016 (at 2010 comparative prices) reached 7,440 billion dongs, an 1.2% increase against the same period last year. Concretely,

Agriculture: In 2016, food production reached 30.500 tons, grew by 2.2% from the same period last year, reached 108.5% of the plan. Production of perenial plants reached 4,300 tons of rubber, climbed by 1.6%, 667 tons of pepper, increased by 3% from the same period last year.

Animal husbandry: The output of delivered live-weight meat reached 71,385 tons, rose by 7.1% from the same period last year. Mamy investors have registered the breeding projects in the province. The province has also focused on implementing measures to prevent and control epidemic diseases for cattles and poultries; strengthened control of transport and slaughter, helping prevent outbreaks of diseases.

Forestry: Estimated wood production from afforestation reached 200,000 m3, increased by 18.9%, natural forest wood reached 5,500 m3, reached 100% of the plan; colophony production reached 2,400 tons, equal to 97.62% from the same period last year.

Fishery: Estimated fishing production in 2016 was estimated to achieve 61,800 tons, equaled to 89.6% of the same period last year. The province had 4,035 fishing boats with a total capacity of over 585,000 CV, up 16.8% from the same period last year, of whcih 1,245 fishing boats for catching offshore.

3. Industry

Index of industry production in 2016 grew by 8.4%. Value of industrial production (at 2010 comparative prices) in 2016 reached 9,791 billion dongs, up 9.2% compared to the same period last year (the plan increased 10%). Some industries reached high production value such as cement, clinker, wood processing, garment, etc.

In 2016, some industrial production establishments put into operation such as Quang Binh garment plant at Cam Lien Industrial Park (Le Thuy district), S&D Quan Hau garment plant for 2nd phase at Quan Hau Northwest Industrial Park; preparation for implementation of a bonded warehouse and oil pipeline from Hon La Seaport to Laos, etc.

4. Services

Retail sales of consumer goods and services

Total estimated retail sales of consumer goods and services in 2016 reached 16,771 billion dongs, up 8.2% compared to the previous year. Consumption Price Index (CPI) on average increased 5% from the same period last year.

Export and Import

Total estimated export turnovers in 2016 was US$79.4 million, equaled to 75.9% from the same period last year, reached 52.9% of the plan. Total estimated import turnovers in 2016 reached US$118.7 million, grew by 2.9% over the previous year, reached 98.9% of the plan.


In 2016, estimated number of visitors to Quang Binh reached 1.99 million arrivals, down 29.4% compared to the same period last year, of which international visitors reached 37,162 arrivals, reduced by 13.2% from the last year's same period. Revenues from hotels, restaurants and tourism reached 1,685 billion dongs, decreased by 12.9% compared to the same period last year.

Transport: Revenues from transport was estimated to reach 2,701 billion dongs, a rise of 7% from the same period last year. In 2016, the province opened two new routes of bus, meeting the traveling demand of local people.

5. Development investment

Estimated realized social investment capital in 2016 at current prices was estimated to reach 10,824 billion dongs, went up by 6.8% over the same period last year; rate of reimbursement as of late October of 2016 was an estimation of 70%.

6. Budget revenues and expenditures

Budget revenues: Total estimated budget revenues in 2016 was estimated to achieve 3,067 million dongs, equaled 102.2% of the local estimate, went up to 6.6% over the same period last year.

Budget expenditures: Total local expenditures in 2016 reached an estimate of 8,431 billion dongs, reached 121% of the local estimate, went up to 6.5% over the same period last year.

Credit: Estimasted in the end of 2016, total source of mobilized capital reached 27,050 billion dongs, increased by 15.8% from the beginning of the year, total outstanding debts reached 33,700 billion, a rise of 19.3% from the early year.

7. Foreign affairs and investment promotion

Foreign affairs: Paid attention to boosting friendly and cooperative relations with Khammouane and Savannakhet provinces and neighbouring provinces of Laos and Northeastern region of Thailand; expanded cooperative relations with Japan, South Korea, Australia...; successfully organized an excursion for a group of foreign ambassadors to conquer Son Doong Cave - the world's largest natural cave, making a good impression on the ambassadors from the countries.

Investment Promotion: Investment promotion activity in 2016 have achieved many positive results. Many foreign investors have come to seek investment opportunities in the province such as DOHWA Corporation from South Korea, Bomby Finance Corporation from India; KinderWorld Education Group from Singapore. The province has organised and participated in many investment promotion activities in Thailand, Japan, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The province has focused on accelerating the progress of implementing the projects which were issued certificates of investment; signed agreements on investment cooperation; approved decision to revoke land of 8 projects; extended the progress for 19 proejcts.

For projects of domestic investors: In the first ten months of 2016, the province newly issued 107 projects with registered capital of 12,995 billion dongs in total. Of which, there were many key projects, including Hai Ninh luxury resort project of the Faros Construction Joint-stock Company with a total capital of 3,600 billion dongs; the FLC Quang Binh project with a total capital of 4,800 billion dongs; the cow-raising project of the Hoa Phat Company with a total capital of 996 billion dongs, etc.

ODA projects: As of December 31st, 2016, the total disbursed capital of ODA projects was VND 456.6 billion, of which ODA capital was VND355.5 billion, reached 100% in a total of ODA capital; corresponding capital was VND101.1 billion, reached 91.41% of the yearly plan.

FDI projects: In 2016, Quang Binh province issued certificate of investment for three FDI projects with a total registered capital of US$21.43 million. The DOHWA (South Korea) is carrying out the procedures of investment for the solar energy plant and the biomass energy plant. So far, the FDI projects have disbursed over US$ 69.6 million in total investment, reached about 50.4% from the total source of registered capital. In 2016 alone, the FDI projects have disbursed US$5.7 million.

NGO projects: In 2016, the province has received 17 NGO projects from the sponsors with a total money of 835,000 USD, helping local people eliminate hunger and reduce poverty, improve ecological environment and contribute to socio-economic development of the locality.

8. Registration of business

In 2016, the province had 554 enterprises registered for new establishment with a total registered capital of 3,000 billion dongs, raising the total number of enterprises for registration up to 4,766 enterprises with total registered capital of 25,800 billion dongs.

9. Education

So far, 301 schools across the province have been recognized as a national standard school, reached 51.01%. Especially, at the 2016 International Physics Olympiad in Switzerland, Nguyen The Quynh,11th grader from the Vo Nguyen Giap High School for the Gifted, won the gold medals. This is the first medal of Quang Binh pupil at the international arena.

10. Healthcare

The province had 159/159 of communes, wards and townlets having medical stations and doctors. As of lthe end of 2016, the province had 131/159 medical stations of communes, wards and townlets meeting national standards on health (reached 82.4%).

11. Culture

In 2016, the province successfully organized a series of cultural activities to celebrate important events and national holiday. especially the 1st Hoang Phuc pagoda festival 2016; promoted the spread of "Ho Khoan Le Thuy" to set up dossier for the UNESCO's recognition as an intangible cultural heritage.

The province has create all favorable conditions for the film crew Kong: Skull Island from Hollywood to shoot scences at some places in the province.

12. Labor and employment

In 2016, the province provided stable jobs for 32,510 laborers, reached 98.5% of the plan, paid attention to vocational training; brought 2,430 laborers to work abroad, reached 101.25% of yearly plan.

13. Social security

The province focused on implementation of the sustainable poverty alleviation and job creation program in the 2016-2020 period. In 2016, rate of poor households reduced by 2%, bringing rate of poor households down 12.42% by the end of 2016 (at new standards). The province also distributed 14,350 tons of rice from the Government and other sponsors to assist poor people during the Tet holiday and between-crop period.

14. Traffic accidents

According the statistics of the Provincial Department of Traffic Safety, as of October 15th, the province happened 206 cases of traffic accidents, killing 86 people and injuring 198 others. In comparison with the same period last year, cases of the traffic accidents in six months decreased 11 cases; the number of deaths declined 14 persons and the number of the injured reduced 10 persons. The political security, social safety and border security have been continuously maintained.

By Nhu Y
(Source: Report No.260/BC-UBND dated December 28th, 2016)