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The Ho Chi Minh Campaign

"The strategic combat in the Spring 1975 marked a new glorious development in the art of people’s war under modern conditions, especially in the art of controlling war in its finishing stage, and the an of organizing and guiding the implementation of key, decisive battles to take the resistance to complete victory.

The victory was a result of great sacrifice and endeavor by the Vietnamese people in the long-term and fierce battle o wits and strength. It was also a result of directions, management, and command at the macro level in combination with specific fighting and uprising activities in every battlefield and every unit. In these activities, the Politburo, the Central Military Commission and the Strategic Staff played important roles. All operations took place in accordance with the consistent than o the General Command, in which coordinated planning and operations facilitated the conditions to form the final strategic attack".

(Vo Nguyen Giap)

General and Commander-in-chief Vo Nguyen Giap reporting to the Politburo, the Secretariat and the Central Military Commission on the advance of the army in the Spring 1975 General Offensive and Uprising.

Fighting for the Headquarters of Division 23 at Buon Ma Thuot

The Vietnamese Liberation Army striking the Buon Ma Thuot Commune

On March 25, 1975, in a meeting of the Politburo, General Vo Nguyen Giap on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission proposed: together with the preparation for the final strategic battle, we should also attack the islands and archipelagoes occupied by the Sai Gon puppet government". The Politburo unanimously approved such a proposal.

Taking advantage of the favorable conditions, in the early morning of April 14, 1975, the Military Zone 5 and the Navy forces liberated Song Tu Tay island.

In the early morning of April 24, 1975, a group of islands, namely Nam Yet, Son Ca, Sinh Ton, An Bang and Truong Sa was liberated.

The Front-line Command of the Ho Chi Minh Campaign

General Vo Nguyen Giap and the Central Military Commission following the progress of the Ho Chi Minh Campaign (April 1975)

Liberation troops fighting for Tan Son Nhat Airport in Sai Gon.

The secret message No.1574 dated April 7, 1975 from General Vo Nguyen Giap to the Front-line Command.

The tank number 390 of Company 4, Tank Division 203, headed by Vu Dang Toan, was the first to crush through the Independence Palace’s entrance gate at 11:30am on April 30, 1975.

People of Sai Gon and Cho Lon on the street, waving flags to greet Liberation troops (noon April 30, 1975)

Source: "Commander-in-chief General Vo Nguyen Giap" Book