Post date: 13/03/2023

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Quang Binh Province: New tourism product in the midst of lush green forest and mountain

Adapting to nature, preserving and protecting the environment, and for the community benefits as the top priorities in business, are what the tourism enterprises need set out to develop in a sustainable way.

Oxalis Adventure, a tour operator in Quang Binh Province, is well-known by the adventure tourism products and caves expedition with: Son Doong cave (the largest cave in the world), Tu Lan Cave, Hang En Cave, Hang Va Cave, Nut Water Cave. Oxalis also has eco-models and wellness and sightseeing products such as Chay Lap Farmstay; Blue Diamond Camp; etc.

Tu Lan Lodge was built based on a unique model suitable for natural landscape, and environmentally friendly. As an additional product for visitors to rest and have time to explore (Photo:

According to news of moitruongvadothi, currently, Oxalis has launched a number of unique and exciting products. As per long-term plan, Oxalis has been working on transforming hidden, unknown spots to tourist attractions, a spotlight on the tourism map, where locals can participate in tourism activities to improve living standards, and progress to adapt to nature so that when the flood season comes, they are capable to handle by themselves and overcome the toughness.

Beautiful amber scenery with long-stretching grass fields and poetic river when the sun disappears behind the mountains (Photo:

The goal is to turn Tan Hoa Commune into a key satellite destination next to Phong Nha - Ke Bang to leverage businesses to develop tourism products in Minh Hoa and Tuyen Hoa districts; transforming Tan Hoa into a rural tourism area in accordance with the standards of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

Visitors are free to relax and cycle to visit and explore the place referred to as the “the flood-prone area” of Tan Hoa in Quang Binh (Photo:

Hold a hope to transform “the flood-prone area” Tan Hoa (Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province) to attractive tourist destination in the Quang Binh Northwest, from building cave expeditions and creating jobs for more than 100 local workers, Oxalis Adventure has launched a unique and novel wellness product in the area, which is Tu Lan Lodge. Spending time at homestay  is staying with local people in a real way but still ensures privacy and tourist accommodation standards. Oxalis is responsible for finding guests for inhabitants to ensure that the homestay operates efficiently.

Tu Lan Lodge is a unique accommodation in a true sense. Eco-friendly architecture and structure, the highlight of Tu Lan Lodge in addition to the architecture is the view that always allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of each season of the year.

With a construction scale of 20 rooms, Tu Lan Lodge adapts to nature. This is also a place to provide clean water, electricity and people's shelter in the flood season if the water rises too high.

Besides, Oxalis also gives a shoulder to locals in building 10 homestay rooms for locals to do travel business with Oxalis. At the same time, support to invest in 6 households in tourist catering services, along with 16 stalls selling unique indigenous cuisine and agricultural products to visitors…

With the service of dining experience at a homestay, it will surely leave an impressive remark about a delicious home-made meal, local products such as honey and other products.

At Tu Lan Lodge, visitors can enjoy the view according to the beauty of each season of the year. Visitors can also row a boat, swim across the Rao Nan River, pass through villages, maze fields and the beautiful scenery of Tan Hoa mountains and forests.

Place where Film Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts chose as the setting for the Hollywood blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island” - 2016 licensed in Vietnam (Photo:

Experience the real life of the local people, such as walking to discover the beauty and culture of the indigenous people, cycling and freeing souls in the field with the kites of children herding buffaloes.

Let’s leave all the burden of life behind and enjoy the off-road motorcycle, driving through slopes and streams under the canopy of ironwood forest.

Source: Tourism Information Technology Center