Post date: 17/08/2023

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Da Nhay Beach - Enchanting escape in Quang Binh

Untouched Da Nhay (dancing rock) Beach, bestowed with striking rocks on white sands, has become a fascinating must-see destination for visitors to the central province of Quang Binh.

“Da Nhay” refers to the topographical feature of the beach, which has thousands of rocks reaching out to the sea. (Photo: VNA)

The beach is an enchanting spot with rocks nestled on white sands. (Photo: VNA)

Da Nhay Beach is a perfect escape for those hoping to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. (Photo: VNA)

Several caves have been formed primarily by wave erosion. (Photo: VNA)

With soft sands, gently lapping waves, and turquoise waters, Da Nhay Beach is an alluring destination. (Photo: VNA)