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Socio-economic situation in 1st quarter of 2013

(Quang Binh Website) - In the first months of 2013, despite of meeting a lot of difficulties, thanks to the timely and positive guiding of the provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee and the great efforts made by all levels and sectors, businesses and the unanimity of the entire people in taking comprehensive and drastic measures, the province’s socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2013 has had positive changes and obtained remarkable results in all fields. 

I. Economic growth

1. Agriculture, forestry and fishery

a. Agriculture

- Cultivation: Area under cultivation for winter-spring crop was estimated at 53,852.3 ha, rose 0.5% from last year' same period. Of which, rice reached 29,013.9 ha, rose 0.5%; maize and other cereals 4,041.8 ha, equaling 97.6%; sugar-cane 53 ha, rose 3.9%; tobacco and pipe tobacco 7.5 ha; oil seed crops 4,790 ha, equaling 98.8%; vegetables, bean and flower 4,594 ha, rose 2.6%; other annual crops 1,209.9 ha, rose 2% from last year' same period.

- Husbandry: As of April 1st, the province had 33,930 buffalos, up 1.7%; 94,492 oxen, equaling 98%; 350,839 pigs, equaling 99%; 2,415 poultry, up 1.5% from last year' same period. As estimated, output of delivered live-weight meat in this quarter: buffalos meat 487 tons, equaling 97.2; beef 1,821 tons, up 4.3%; pork 12,636 tons, up 4.2%; poultry meat 2,205 tons, up 5.1% from last year' same period.

2. Forestry: As estimated, the exploited wood production reached 18,052 m3 in March, 29,643 m3 in three months, equaling 98% from last year' same period. The exploited colophony production reached 202 tons in March and 382 tons in three months, rose 1.9% from last year' same period.

The concentrated planted area was estimated at 651 ha in March and 3,537 ha in three beginning months, rose 1.3% from last year’ same period; decentralized planted trees reached 154 thousand trees and 2,106 thousand trees, rose 3 percent from last year' same period.

3. Fishery: In three beginning months, total estimated fishing production reached 8,508 tons, rose 7.4 percent from the same period last year, of which aquaculture production reached 1,291.4 tons, rose 11.8%; catching production reached 7,216.7 tons, increased by 6.6% from the same period last year.

4. Industry: March’s Industrial Production Index (IPI) rose 15.8 percent from last month and 8.2% from last year’ same period. Generally, 1st Quarter’s IPI rose 6.7%, industrial production value (2010 was taken as comparative base year) rose 9.9% from last year' same period. Of which, titan ore reached 9,610 tons, rose 9.9%; building stone reached 664,210 m3, rose 9.8%; cassava reached 7,808 tons, rose 5.7%; bottled beer reached 2,234 thousand litters, rose 1.1%; wood shavings reached 43,415 tons, rose 8.6%; ceramic tile reached 367 thousand m2, rose 1.7%; cement reached 313,884 tons, rose 4%; power production and supply reached 127 million Kwh, rose 3.0%; water supply reached 1,600 thousand m3, rose 7.4% from the same period last year.

5. Service:

a. Domestic trade: Total retailed sales of consumer goods and services in three beginning months was estimated at reaching 4,062.5 billion VND, rose 16.6% from the same period last year. Of which, State economy reached 290.6 billion VND, rose 8.7%; collective economy reached 4.4 billion VND, rose 17.6%; individual economy reached 2,404.9 billion, rose 14%; private economy reached 1,362.6 billion, rose 23.5% from the same period last year.

b. Export - Import

- Export: In three first months, export turnovers were at an estimation of USD 33.4 million, reached 24.7% of the plan, rose 0.7% from the same period last year. Main products for export included rubber (7.2 thousand tons, increased by 12.3% from last year' same period); diverse wood (4.35 thousand m3, increase by 30.8%); colophony (785 tons, equaling 84.4%); and dry wood shavings (38.9 thousand tons, equaling 91.8% from the same period last year).

- Import: Generally, import turnovers in 1st Q. of 2013 were at an estimation of USD 11.4 million, increased by 81.1% from the same period last year.

c. Tourism

As estimated, the number of visitors to Quang Binh in the first quarter of 2013 was 210.2 thousand arrivals, increased by 3.6% from the same period last year, of which international visitors reached 6.4 thousand arrivals, increased by 38.7% from last year' same period. Among visitors to Quang Binh, travel visitors were at an estimation of 80.6 thousand arrivals, increased by 15.1% from last year' same period. Turnovers from hotels, restaurants and tourism in three beginning months were estimated at reaching VND292.0 billion, increase by 12.9% from the same period last year.

d. Carriage of passengers and cargos

Cargo carriage in three first months was estimated at reaching 3,617 million tons, rose 9.8 percent from last year' same period and 173 million tons-kilometers carried, increased by 11.6 percent from last year.

First Quarter’s passenger carriage was estimated at reaching 3.9 million passengers, rose 3.6 percent and 169.7 passengers-kilometers carried, increased by 10.8% from the same period last year. Total carriage turnovers in three months reached VND466 billion, increased by 12.05% from the same period last year.

e. Price indexes: March’s Consumer Price Indexes reduced to 0,05 percent against the previous months, increased by 2.24% from last year's December. Average CPI in the first Quarter of 2013 rose 7.91% compared to that in 2012’ same period.

6. Capital construction investment

As estimated, capital construction investment under State budget in March reached VND 108.8 billion and reached VND286.3 million in three months, increased by 18.3% from the same period last year, of which budget capital under Central management reached VND 44.2 billion, budget capital under local management reached 242.1 billion.

Concretely, agriculture, forestry and fishery were at an estimation of VND 34.4 billiom; processing and manufacturing industry reached VND 23.5 billion; health and social assistance activities reached VND 23 billion; education and training reached VND24.9 billion; security, national defence and state management reached VND21.7 billion...

As of February 28th, rate of reimbursement was at an estimation of 25.1%.

7. Business registration:

As of March 15th 2013, 81 enterprises were issued business registration with a total registered capital of over VND 144 billion, increased by 19.1% from the same period last year. Of which, there were 9 private enterprises, 36 two-member limited companies, 35 one-member limited companies and 01 joint-stock company.

8. Investment promotion and foreign affairs

- Investment promotion: In the first quarter of 2013, there were five newly-registered investment projects, raising total registered projects to 266 projects with a total registered capital of about VND 99,789 billion.

Of which, 47 projects with a registered capital of VND 9,846 billion have been being carried out; 51 projects with a registered capital of VND9,042 billion have been granted certification of investment registeration but they haven't yet been carried out; 60 projects with a registered capital of about VND 60,000 billion have been approved by the provincial People's Committee; 108 projects are registering investment with a total insufficient capital of VND 20,901 billion.

According to the announcement of the Vietnam Chamber for Commerce and Industry, Quang Binh's Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2012 ranked 38th among 63 provinces and cities, rose 19 levels in comparison with 2008.

- Foreign affairs:

+ Out-delegations: In the first quarter, there were 08 out-delegations with 40 people to Laos, Singapore and South Korea for working, studying, training and conferences.

+ In-delegations: there were 37 in-delegations with 268 people from Laos, Thailand, Japan, China, Germany, England, France, America, Canada and Australia for visiting, working, cultural exchange, conference, cave survey and press activity.

- NGO aids mobilization: In the first quarter, there were 7 projects which were received and approved with a total committed capital of USD 791,000 and 1,425.4 million.

10. Finance and Credit

- Budget revenues: In 1st quarter of 2013, total budget revenues were at an estimation of VND 313.172 billion, reached 14.91% of local estimate, equaling 77.24% from last year' same period. Of which, domestic revenues were estimated at VND 243.802 billion, reached 13.54% of local estimate, equaling to 70.89% from the same period last year; revenues from export-import balance were VND69.369 billion, equaling 23.12% of local estimate, increased by 12.72% from last year' same period; collecting from central State enterprises reached VND21.857 billion, equaling 86.75%; from local State enterprises reached VND17.389 billion, equaling 69.56%; from non-state enterprises reached VND85.733 billion, increased by 34.88%; from land use fees reached VND34.7 billion, equaling 30.92%; from registered fees was VND24.692 billion, increased by 41.94% from last year' same period.

- Budget spending: In 1st quarter, total State budget expenditures were at an estimation of VND 1,410.8 billion, reached 23.92% of local estimate, rose by 23.61% from the same period last year. Of which, spending for investment development reached 186.357 trillion dong, reached 22.63%; regular spending was 1,224.5 trillion dong, reached 24.93% of local estimate.

As of March 11, the total mobilized capital reached VND14,623 billion, increased by 3.8% from last year' same period. As of the end of 1st quarter, the total mobilized capital reached VND 14,670 billion, increased by 29.4% from the same period last year and by 4% from early year. The outstanding debt of loans reached VND16,962 billion, increased by 0.9% from early year.

III. Social affairs

1. Education - Training

The province has so far had 615 schools and educational establishments with 17,907 teachers, staffs and educational managers. 6/7 districts and city with 159/159 communes and wards met standard for universal primary education at the right age (reached 97.48%, increased 02 communes against last year); 158/159 communes, wards and townlets (making up 99.37%) and 7/7 districts and city met standard for universal junior secondary education.

The province had 157,407 pupils, of which 70,562 pupils in primary schools, 53,676 in middle schools and 33,169 in secondary schools.

2. Healthcare

The province had 159/159 communes, wards and townlets having medical station; 100% of medical stations at communes and wards having doctors; 100% of villages and hamlets having medical staff; 100% of medical station meeting essential medicine for treatment and examination. As of March 15, the province had 55/159 medical stations of communes and wards in six districts and city meeting national standard for health (according to new standard).

3. Culture and Sport

The province has so far had 155,773 households recognized the "cultural family" title, reached 72.92% accounted for 97%; 560 villages and hamlets recognized the cultural title, reached 44.6%; 382 agencies, units and schools recognized the cultural title, reached 60%.

In high-performance sports: as of March 14, the province won 20 medals, of which 02 gold medals, 07 silver medals and 11 bronze medals at the tournaments.

The province also actively prepared a series of activities for the 10th anniversary of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park recognized world natural heritage site and Quang Binh Cave Festival 2013 as well as the 7th provincial Sport Festival.

4. Labor and social affairs

The province distributed 52,309 gifts with a total value of over VND12 billion, provided 750 tonnes of rice to support poor people during Tet holiday.

Continue to speed up hunger elimination and poverty alleviation; provide stable jobs for laborers; attach special importance to social security and solve the policies for war invalids and martyrs...

5. Traffic accidents

As of March 15, the province had 136 cases of traffic accident (135 cases by road and 01 case by rail), killing 53 persons and injuring 131 others. Compared to the same period last year, cases of traffic accident declined 15 percent; the death rose 24 percent; the injured declined 15 percent.

Source: Report No.47/BC-UBND dated April 12, 2013